Documentary/Lifestyle Photography

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I am drawn to photographing people and places that are extremely ordinary. I love to tell a story through my pictures. I love exploring the way people interact with each other. I love the candid moments. I mean the messy, lovely, and realness of it.

I like to consider myself a documentary/lifestyle photographer. What do I mean by documentary photography? It's just like it sounds really -- documenting ordinary events in life, things that tell a story. Really story is the essence of my photography. About a year ago I read on a blog once about someone who took walks around her neighborhood and town. She took her camera with the intent to capture the places that she called home -- but to try to capture them with the idea as though she were visiting this place. I like to try to look at things as if I am traveling in a different place, and want to capture it all. After all, what is more important in photography than documenting our daily lives and people and places we love?

I try to stay away from the usual portrait stuff with props and the like. The occasional portrait is okay, but my real passion is the the ordinary little things that we see in our day to day lives.

About the picture above:
I was taking pictures of my niece and my brother one morning. My brother pulled out his phone and began thumbing around on it for a few moments. I wanted to capture this moment and keep it to look back at it years later. I took a few shots, when all at once my niece made eye contact with me and I snapped the photo above. IMG_0356 IMG_1201 October 21, 2012 Painting our room 048 IMG_4882

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