Thursday, April 24, 2014

Saturday Morning Paper Dolls

IMG_4881 IMG_4966 IMG_4905 IMG_4903 IMG_4899 IMG_4893 IMG_4882 IMG_4897

Just some pictures of my niece one Saturday morning when my brother and his family visited our house for a weekend a couple months back. I wanted to capture her adorable little girl sweetness as she put together a set of sticker paper dolls. I do love the candidness of these shots, as she was very absorbed at the task at hand and did not pay much attention to me with my camera. I love those moments. Perhaps that is why I love photographing children -- because it is pretty easy to get real candid moments because they do not care so much on how they look, or get self conscious when someone is pointing a camera at them. Love you, Cecelia!

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