Saturday, July 26, 2014

Road Tripping -- Appalachian Mountains // Back to my Roots

IMG_0192 Jerusalem's Ridge by Mark O'Connor on Grooveshark IMG_0334 IMG_0210 10499442_1441730006112166_369016269730272054_o IMG_0327 IMG_0314 IMG_0308 IMG_0283 IMG_0186 10496983_1441727246112442_2692145447897095420_o IMG_0225 IMG_0204 10452945_1441726946112472_4709938157008407233_o IMG_0184 IMG_0198

We drove to Virginia from Illinois. It was about a ten hour drive but with stops and two little kids on board it took us two days to drive down there. On the way, we wanted to stop and take pictures along the road and we stopped at this cute little church by the roadway. We passed hundreds of little country churches along the way too many to try to count. It was a little taste of rural America that I shall never forget.

This place. I want to go back so badly. The green hills and deep valleys below were stunningly beautiful. I love this place and can't wait to go back. Here is to traveling and seeing new places. Goodbye, Virginia, I shall miss you.

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