Friday, May 23, 2014

iPhoneography -- My Thoughts on the Subject

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I have come to realize how valuable my iPhone pictures have become. Yes, perhaps they are not always as good of quality as my DSLR camera, but it is convenient. Very convenient. And iphoneography has a look all it's own that seems to differ from all other cameras. Maybe because it sometimes distorts images, I don't know -- but it does seem have a unique feel about it.

I was thinking about it today. Many people, even if they don't have a camera, have a cell phone, and many have iPhones. I wonder, if years from now, people will look at instagram and iphoneography as something old fashioned and cool -- the way we view instant film today for example. I don't know -- but I do know that in many ways this form of photography seems to shape much of our culture today.

I've thought this many times though. It doesn't matter what kind of camera you have -- you can make beautiful artistic pictures. These pictures are not the best, but I love them. There is no beautiful blurry background. There is just me, my camera, and my subject. It is simple, but I love it -- for different reasons from my trusty DSLR. It seems more like a snapshot, and I love that quality about it. What are your thoughts?

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